Horseshoe Trail Campout April 6-7, 2019


Let's go hiking (or backpacking) or camping on Saturday and Sunday April 6-7!  If you're going to Philmont next year this would be a great initial prep trip!

DEPART on Saturday 6 April at 8AM.
RETURN on Sunday 7 April at 1PM. Hiking starts at French Creek State Park and ends at Warwick County Park.

We'll begin hiking backpacking at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site (next to French Creek State Park) and hike through the cool town of St. Peters (which has an Arcade of antique games; bring some spending money!).  We'll end up at Warwick County Park. Hiking this distance fulfills your requirement for a 5 mile hike for Second Class requirement 3b).

If you simply want to hike, you can bring a day pack with your "hiking essentials" (we'll review these at the troop meeting and remind you after you sign up). You can leave your camping in the car and it'll show up (magically) at the campsite. You can also carry all (or most) of your things in a backpack. Make sure you have hiking boots or really good trai shoes.

On Sunday morning there's a really cool Orienteering training session at Warwick County Park followed by a competitive O-meet at the park (which fulfills First Class requirement 4a).

See pictures from prior trips HERE (2008) and HERE (2013) and HERE (2016).