Green Lane EVERYTHING Day and Spooky Campout Oct 2020


Come out to our first activity returning to "semi-normal" Scouting and camping

We're going to Green Lane Park (in Perkiomenville • MAP) for a fun-filled day of Scouting activities. We plan to do all of the following (as long as enough Scouts are interested, we have enough leaders to manage safety, and we have enough gear for the activity):
  1. Fishing • see a list of fish species on the map of the lake at the bottom of this page.

  2. Cycling on the Perkiomen Trail (with a stop for ice cream in Schwenskville)

  3. Orienteering on the park's permanent course • PRIZES for the Scouts with the best times
    You can also complete requirement 4a for First Class rank

  4. Canoeing or Kayaking on Deep Creek Lake • if we have enough boats and PFDs and can do this safely

  5. Working on rank advancement in camp, plus earning the Totin' Chip and/or Firem'n Chit awards. We may be able to allow a small number of Scouts to work on meal preparation if they need this for rank (let us know on the sign up form)

  6. Working on one of two SPOOKY CAMPSITE SCENES that we need to have ready for an evening "Spooky Campground Drive-Through" [FLYER] • This is a big commitment. You need to plan the scene now, get materials together, work with a team to get everything to Green Lane, build the scene, then staff it (run it) while visitors are driving through. It will be fun but it will be a lot of work.


  • Saturday 10th October starting 9AM. In order to manage our Scouts and Covid procedures, we'd like to ask you to commit to any of the following departure times:
    • Stay for the day and leave before dinner (leave at 6PM)
    • Leave after dinner (at 8PM)
    • Leave after the campfire (at 10PM)
    • Leave Sunday morning at 11AM (if you want to camp)

  • Option - Camp overnight. Parent to camp out with Scout or pick up at Green Lane - 11am on Sunday, October 11th

    We are limiting Scouts camping to a total number of 25. This does not include Assistant Scoutmasters or Parents. If more than 25 Scouts sign up to camp we'll put you on a wait list and see if there's enough camping space, tents, adults, etc.

    We plan to be diligent and responsible about Covid prevention procedures.

    • Troop 98 is not arranging transportation to or from this event. You must get your own ride there and back (we don't want unrelated Scouts traveling in cars together).
    • Immediately upon arrival you must answer the Troop 98 COVID GATING QUESTIONS which will clear or *not clear* you to participate. We will also check your temperature and blood oxygenation level. If you are not cleared you agree that you will leave.
    • You must bring a face mask and commit to wearing it at all times
    • You commit to keeping good separation from others at all times
    • You commit to good hygiene at all time (cleaning hands and gear, no food sharing, etc.)
    • Saturday's lunch is "Bring Your Own". Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast will be prepared by a small number of Scouts with adult supervision and served on disposable eating gear.
    • If you want to camp, you may not camp in the same tent with another non-family member. This means you may need to be alone in a tent.

After you sign up we'll send you details on what to bring, whether or not you're camping out.

Hope to see you at Green Lane!