2010 First Year Scouts

Hello First Year Scouts!

  • April 23rdRegular Troop Meeting, place and time TBD but most likely 7:30 to 9:00 at St. John - Campout preparations for the May 1-2 Campout.  Older Scouts will be having elections for troop youth leader positions and the Order of the Arrow.

  • April 30th:  Possible Troop Meeting for First Year Scouts.  This night is a PLC Meeting (Patrol Leader's Council), reserved for elected Scouts, who get together to plan the next month's activities.  We may have First Year Scouts get together for a little additional preparation for the campout.

  • May 1-2:  Weekend Campout at Green Lane.  Here's your big chance to show us your camping skills and/or learn new ones.  You'll learn how a Scout troop camps and start checking off a lot of things toward your first rank, Tenderfoot!  Camping in tents, cooking on stoves, orienteering (like hide and seek with a map and compass), games and campfire.  We will need drivers and a few First Year parents to join us camping. We typically leave at 8AM on Saturday from St. Dunstan's and return around Noon on Sunday.

  • In our May troop meetings we'll prepare for our Cycling/Camping Trip on the Delaware River on May 22-23, plus continue working on Scout skills and advancement towards Tenderfoot rank.
Get "techie"!  We really need your full cooperation in reading emails, checking the troop website, and responding promptly via our forms.  It's the only way we can run such a large troop efficiently.  THANKS!
Here is the material we covered with you at your Blue & Gold and the New Scout Orientation Day:
  1. Complete the "New Scout and Family Contact Information" sheet and return it to us.  Link here ==> CONTACT_SHEET  (you have to print this in order to see the fields properly)

  2. Pay a joining fee of $165.  This amount covers all our new Scout costs  (among them, neckerchief, slide, patches, name tag, handbook, registration, Boy’s Life) plus annual dues pro-rated through the end of 2010.  Please make checks payable to “BSA Troop 98”.  Give your check to a Scoutmaster or ask us for the Treasurer's address.

  3. Take home the New Scout Packet which includes:
    • a Boy Scout Youth Application form ==> APPLICATION
    • an Annual Health and Medical Record form (4 pages) ==> AHMR
    • information on BillMonk, the system we use to track finances ==> BILLMONK
    • uniform insignia (a Troop 98 numeral patch and green shoulder tabs)
      Click on "Uniform Guide" on the sidebar of this page for more information on uniforms and patches
    • a BSA Catalog (this is for fun; don't buy any camping gear yet!)
    • a Troop Roster
    • a Troop Calendar (summary) ==> CALENDAR (coming soon)
      the most updated calendar can always be found at this website, on the left sidebar under "Troop 98 Calendar"
    • a Troop Resource Survey (please consider sharing with Scouts your skills, talents or passions!) ==> RESOURCE SURVEY
And here's what's next after the Blue & Gold night:

  1. Complete and return the Boy Scout Youth Application and return it to us at the next event you come to.  This is very important as it provides liability and medical insurance.  

  2. Complete the Annual Health and Medical Record and return it to us by April 23rd.  It’s very important that we know of any past or present medical or behavioral conditions.  Please obtain accurate information on your son’s immunizations and give us your health insurance information.   

    You will need a doctor to complete Part B of the form; your son will not be allowed into Summer Camp without this part completed. For each trip we take, you will receive via email a Troop Activity Permission Slip pre-printed with your son’s medical information.  Please check and update the information on this form every time before signing and returning it to us.  We take this information with us on every outing.

  3. Read about BillMonk.  Troop 98 uses a financial tracking system, called BillMonk, to record debits and credits for each scout. Within the next few weeks, the Treasurer will be setting up your “account” in BillMonk using your email address.  Please read the enclosed flyer for a detailed description of how we use BillMonk. If you have any questions, please email the Treasurer.

    About dues: Our dues are $150 per year, payable in December (or half in December, half in June).  The dues cover almost all expenses for a Scout’s participation, other than meals (organized and paid for within his patrol) and special activities (like a rafting trip, climbing, or Summer Camp).  Fundraising is not a major focus of the troop’s operation or funding and we don’t currently participate in the Council popcorn sale.  We believe costs should never keep a boy out of Scouting.  If a Troop fee ever presents a financial hardship for you or anyone you know of please speak with a Scout Leader.

  4. Purchase a Scout uniform for your son and sew on the patches. Upon joining, Troop 98 requires the official khaki Boy Scout shirt plus official Boy Scout shorts, pants or zip-offs (called Switchbacks).  We recommend that you purchase a short-sleeve shirt.  We don’t currently require Scout socks or any hat/cap.  Click on “Uniform Guide” on the left of this page for more complete information on what to buy, what not to buy, and where to get everything, plus where on the uniform you should sew on the patches.

    Patches - Your son’s uniform should have the following patches and tabs:

      • Cradle of Liberty Council strip (purchase with the shirt)
      • Troop 98 numeral (provided by Troop 98)
      • Green shoulder tabs/epaulets (provided by Troop 98)

  5. Attend the “New Scout Orientation Day” on Saturday April 17th9AM to 1PM at St. Dunstan’s.  We will get all new Scouts to complete the Scout rank (and begin work on Tenderfoot rank).  New leaders will also meet to plan the balance of the year.  Near the end we’ll invite parents back for an orientation and Summer Camp promotion.

  6. Attend your first Troop Meeting on April 23rd and your first Campout on May 1st and 2nd.  You’ll receive more information on these later via e-mail. 

  7. Plan for your son to attend Summer Camp at Ockanickon Scout Reservation in Bucks County, July 18th to 24th.  Cost is $307 (a reduced rate for Webelos crossing over into Boy Scouts).  Click on "2010 Summer Camp" link on the left for preliminary information and come to the New Scout Orientation Day for a full presentation and Q&A about Summer Camp.
    Ockanickon offers financial assistance.  See a Scout leader for information about how to request this.