Everything Campout at Ockanickon - Nov 2015


Friday Nov 13 to Sunday Nov 15 – Campout at Ockanickon Scout Reservation in Bucks County

This campout will have EVERYTHING. 

Saturday Morning:
        • Low COPE (which stands for "Challenging Outdoor Physical Experience") on Saturday morning where you can participate in trust activities with your patrol, play Blind Swordsman, get over the wall, go through the spider web, and more!
        • Primitive Camping and Wilderness Survival. Learn how to build a shelter, lots of different ways to make fire, purify water, set traps and snares, make ground to air signals, and more! If you build a shelter and stay in it you'll earn credit towards Wilderness Survival merit badge.
        • Five mile hike for Scouts who need this for Second Class requirement 1B. We'll be hiking down and into Ralph Stover State Park, and the awesome Tohickon Creek. 
        • Orienteering course for Scouts who need this for First Class requirement 2, including the height and width requirements.
Saturday Afternoon:
  • High COPE on Saturday afternoon where you will climb up a huge ladder into the trees then walk among them, with various challenges along the way. At the end fly down the zip line! Senior Scouts may be invited back to do Night COPE
  • Climbing tower and/or Crate Stacking, a really fun activity that Troop 98 brought to Ockanickon (it's the only Scout camp where you can do this). See how high you can stack before falling, or race against time or even another Scout to "claim the tower". When you fall, knock down the tower like Angry Birds!
  • More Primitive Camping and Cooking, and preparations for Saturday evening's dinner which must be cooked on a fire (no stoves!).
Sunday Morning:

Drive over to High Rocks for some awesome rock climbing on a live rock face, and rappelling down when you've reached the top. Or remain at camp and work on more Primitive Camping and requirements for Wilderness Survival merit badge, or Early Ranks.

CLICK HERE for information on COPE at Ockanickon. Patrols leaders will work on menus and gear this week and confirm everything at the Troop meeting this coming Friday.  

Cooking and camping is by patrol (although you may get to stay in an Ad; we're in the Comanche site, right near the Trading Post).  Dinner must be cooked on a fire, not a stove.

Leave from St. John’s at 5:30PM on Friday.  

Return to St. John’s on Sunday at 2:00PM.  

The cost for the weekend will vary depending on what you do. Low COPE is $10, High COPE is $20, and Rock Climbing is $20.  You'll also be charged the cost of your patrol food.  Please don't bring money; we will bill you through BillsUp.



You need to sign up by evening of Monday 9 November!   ==> CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP <==