Earth Day 2020

Here's some of what's been collected! Thanks, Troop 98 Scouts and families!

From Nate C, Troop 98 Outdoor Ethics Guide:

Hello Troop 98 Scouts!

I have a challenge for you and this will count toward your overall virtual Patrol points!

Today Wednesday, April 22nd is the 50 anniversary of Earth DayAs the Outdoor Ethics Guide, I am challenging 
each Scout to go outside and pick up trash in your neighborhood. Please do this while staying safe by wearing a mask and gloves.

Once you've finished your cleanup please take a picture of your trash. Here's what I found within just a few minutes of walking around my neighborhood:

Remember, even a little trash contributes to the Great Global (Solo) Cleanup! Also, please go to this website to register your trash cleanup as part of the worldwide Earth Day effort:

Please send a picture of your collected trash (extra points if you're in the photo!) to me at by this Sunday (and identify yourself, if your email address doesn't clearly do so, in order to give your patrol points).

Safety Reminders:
  • Be aware of private property, and get permission from landowners before going on their land.
  • Roadside litter can be dangerous. Do not open coolers, jugs, bottles and other sealed containers.
  • Make sure you wear gloves, appropriate clothing, and safety gear (a mask!).

Very truly yours,