Delaware Beach Camping 2015

Friday, June 12th to Sunday, June 14th

Camping near the Delaware Beach!

If you still want to go please email the Scoutmaster

Camping at Holt's Landing State Park, Millville, Delaware  (close to Bethany Beach)

Map/directions here:   HOLT'S_LANDING
  (about a 3 hour drive from Blue Bell)
Camp website here:  HOLT'S

We'll be camping, exploring, playing beach volleyball, fishing, crabbing, and (possibly) swimming at Bethany Beach.  Check out pictures from the last time we went HERE.

DEPART:  From St. John's at one of the following times (please let us know on your RSVP the earliest you're able to leave)

  • Friday early afternoon (say 3 or 4PM)
  • Friday late afternoon (say 5 or 6PM)
  • Saturday early morning (7 or 8AM)

RETURN:  To St. John's on Sunday at 1PM.

  • Tent camping by patrol
  • Meals by patrol
  • Bring usual gear for a two-night campout
  • Bring swim trunks and two towels, plus sunscreen
  • Bring Scout uniform in case we go out for ice cream on Saturday night
  • Trip cost is $10/Scout (plus patrol food costs).  We will bill you.
  • Bring $10 to $20 cash for spending in Bethany Beach and at the bait shop!
Fishing info:  A Delaware fishing license is required if you're 16 to 64 years old; cost is $20.