DakotahM Eagle Project

Dakotah’s Eagle Project- BSA Troop 98

 Where:  Boehm’s Church Cemetery

When:   Saturday, September 29th

Who:     Scouts, Friends and Family

Time:     9 am until we’re done…


Dakotah M’s Eagle Project- BSA Troop 98

Historic Boehm’s United Church of Christ

Church Cemetery:  Headstone and Cradle Grave Restoration


A little about the church…

Boehm’s United Church of Christ of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania was formed from German immigrants and was founded in 1740. The church has been recognized by the Valley Forge Daughters of the American Revolution. During the American Revolution, Boehm’s Church was used as a hospital for the colonial soldiers who battled in Germantown.

The headstone I noticed most at the cemetery was for Peter De Haven the first, born March 12th, 1668 and died May 23rd 1768. That’s right, he lived 100 years.

The founder, Reverend John Philip Boehm, established over 24 churches, getting to all by horseback. It is estimated he traveled over 25,000 miles during his time.  There is a museum in the church that has his original saddlebag bible and other important documents.

About the project…

Due to settling of the gravesites and the age of the cemetery, there are many sites in that are falling.  Headstones have moved and are now tilted sideways and backwards.  Borders have fallen to the side or been covered by dirt and grass, some are cracked or broken.

We will be carefully digging out and around tilted headstones and taking steps to reset them in a level position.  We will be digging out the borders of some sites that are called Cradle Graves, because they look like beds.  These two sites will have their borders reset and flowers planted (landscaping).

We will do some general maintenance in a really cool spot.

Who should come??? 

Anyone willing to pitch in and help!  This is a historic site, so teams will work together to handle the headstones carefully and accomplish the restoration.

When is it???              

Saturday, September 29th.  9 am - finished

Where is it???

Boehm’s United Church of Christ  (On the Blue Bell In side off Skippack Pike)

571 Penllyn Blue Bell Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422