Cycling and Camping May 2018

Come cycling and camping at Green Lane Park, which has smooth and safe trails, a great Orienteering course, and good fishing! We can start riding from our campsite and do multiple loops, with the option of returning to the campsite for lunch and going back out in the afternoon if you want to get more miles. 

We will have one or two beginner trips, plus one or more experienced-rider trips.  We will camp at Green Lane Park, part of the Montgomery County Parks system.

The map of the park is here:  MAP  [we are staying in the Deep Creek Camping area in the lower right]
    • We need drivers both ways and parents to cycle with us!
    • We need help getting bikes there and back (roof-mounted and hitch-mounted bike racks or a trailer)
    • We need at least one parent who doesn't want to cycle to stay in camp and take care of our things, plus be there if someone needs to return. You could read a book or just relax!  
    • Bonus points if you can pull a trailer to drop off bikes and pick them up!
Depart Saturday 8AM from St. John's
Return Sunday Noon to St. John's (drivers to Green Lane Park by 11AM)

Everyone must wear a helmet in good condition (including adults).  Your bike and helmet MUST HAVE BEEN CHECKED and APPROVED at a Troop Meeting in order to be allowed to go on this trip. We'll check that your bike is properly sized for you, that its seat, wheels, steering and brakes are safe, and that your helmet is appropriate for biking and fits you well.

If you don't have a bike we may be able to lend you one. Mark this on the RSVP. If you have one or more bikes to lend mark this on the RSVP.

PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP ON SATURDAY MORNING AND EXPECT TO BE ALLOWED TO GO without having had your bike and helmet checked and approved at a Troop Meeting on May 4 or May 11.

  • tent camping by patrol
  • meals by patrol
  • bring a water bottle that can hold at least one quart of water
  • bring a day pack to carry your stuff
  • wear/bring clothing and gear for a standard campout - CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST
  • wear/bring sunscreen and bug spray