CAN-STRUCTION for Scouting for Food on Friday 20 November

Help us with our Scouting for Food drive this year and compete with your patrol in this fun contest.

We're asking our patrols to plan a project made only out of cans or non-perishable food items.

Patrols need to:
  • Make a plan for what they want to build (you will be judged on how well your final construction agrees with your plan/sketch).
  • Collect the food items they will use (you can ask for donations or buy these yourself; please don't use food already donated by others).
  • Troop 98 will reimburse each patrol up to $25, which is about 40 to 50 cans (depending on what you buy). Patrol Leaders: send your receipt with the name of who bought it to and we'll credit their troop account.
  • Come to an early meeting at St. John's on Friday 20 November (starting at 4PM). Your construction needs to be finished at 5PM at which point it will be judged.
  • Plan to get picked up at 5:30PM. We will still have a regular virtual meeting at 7:30 which should be able to join in time.


  • Patrols design a project to be built out of food items

  • The project must be constructed entirely out of food items with the exception that some layers of foam board may be used to provide stability. The foam board should be inconspicuous.

  • The patrol gathers the food items and brings them to the meeting on the designated night.

  • Food used in the project should be donated by patrol members and their families, not drawn from any items collected in the community.   Design the project then purchase the food.

  • The project must be assembled during the meeting.

  • At the close of the meeting the projects will be disassembled, and the food used for them will be donated to local food cupboards.

  • Amount of Food Donated and Used:  30%

  • Size and Appearance of Project:  20%

  • Planning:   15%

  • Teamwork:  15%

  • Creativity:  10%

  • Three Dimensional Construction:  10%

Here are some patrol can-struction projects from prior years in Troop 542: