Camporee Logistics (hidden)

Check your email and/or the Troop 98 website before you leave home tomorrow.
  • See the table below for who's going and when, plus drivers.

  • If you are arriving at any other time besides the ones listed below or you're leaving before Sunday we are assuming that you are arranging your own rides to and from Camp. Directions to Camp Hart can be found on THIS PAGE.

  • Pack lightly. Here's what you need:
    • Bring Scout Shorts or Pants and your Troop 98 Star Wars T-Shirt (from Summer Camp 2017) - we have a few extras if you want to buy one when you arrive at Camp ($15). 
      If you're not wearing a costume and you don't have a Troop 98 Star Wars shirt bring any class B T-shirt (like one of our older Summer Camp shirts, or any Scouting-related T-shirt).
    • Bring your Class A Scout uniform shirt to wear to the Awards Ceremony but not your neckerchief
    • Bring a day pack/sling bag with a water bottle
    • Bring a light jacket or sweater for the windy day and for the night and a hat/sunscreen/sunglasses for the day
    • No need for food or eating gear
    • No need for tents - you'll be sleeping on a bunk or a cot in one of the Ads (wooden shelters). These aren't as warm as a tent so bring your warmest sleeping bag and a pad or blanket to go underneath. You can even put one sleeping bag inside another for extra warmth.
    • Bring a stopwatch, if you have one, or a wristwatch.

  • What we STILL NEED (please bring if you have them):
    • Bicycle helmets (write your name inside)
    • Bicycle or skateboarding knee pads and gloves (nothing too valuable! please put your name on anything you'd like to get back)
    • Does anyone have a small air horn, like the kind you use in boats?

LIVE 2017 Camporee Logistics.xlsx