Camping and Backpacking at French Creek - April 4 to 6, 2014

Backpackers:  leave Friday at 5PM

Campers:  leave Saturday at 8AM

Everyone returns Sunday at 1PM

Come out for a fun weekend of camping and backpacking at French Creek, including an orienteering meet on Sunday.

Backpackers: You will start on Friday evening and set up camp in the dark (good practice!). Saturday you'll hike a loop trail throughout the day on the various blazed trails throughout the park (including the Horseshoe Trail) and check out some interesting sights (the Fire Tower, the dam, and Hopewell Furnace National Park).  Meet up with the campers on Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday, break camp hike out a few miles then get picked up and driven to Warwick County Park for the Orienteering Meet.

Campers:  You will arrive on Saturday morning and set up camp.  During the day you can do a 5 mile hike (to the Fire Tower and Hopewell Furnace), complete other advancement, play frisbee golf and compete in a cooking contest for dinner (it won't be hard to win against the backpackers!).  On Saturday evening have troop wide games and a campfire, then pack up on Sunday and drive to Warwick County Park for the Orienteering Meet.

The Orienteering Meet on Sunday is at Warwick County Park (where we camped in the Fall, after the Horseshoe Trail hike via St. Peters Village), directly on the way home. The O-meet fulfills requirement 2 for First Class rank and it's great map/navigation practice for anyone going to Philmont.  Not sure what an O-Meet is?  Go HERE.

PS: If we're lucky we'll get to check out a Yurt.
  • Tent camping by patrol
  • Meals by patrol
  • Bring usual gear for a one-night campout
  • Campers: Come to the Troop Meeting on Friday April 4th to prepare your patrol gear