Camp Rodney 2013

Get ready for an AWESOME WEEK at Rodney! 

Quick Reference Guide   Q&A

Transportation- We want to arrive at the McDonald’s around 12:30pm (shopping center right off I-95 on the map link) and we want to arrive as a Troop in as few cars as possible. 

HERE IS THE MAP/DIRECTIONS.  Carpooling is encouraged and you can let us know if you can drive or need your Scout to be driven when you complete the Preparedness RSVP.

Our Campsite is Susquehannock, which you can see at the bottom left of this CAMPSITE LAYOUT MAP.

Medication – Our troop leaders will dispense daily meds, which need to be in their original packaging or prescription bottle.  Please place all of a Scouts meds in one plastic bag labeled with his name. All meds will be locked up and dispensed as directed by prescription. If your Scout is taking any medications please complete this Medication form and bring it to the August 2nd troop meeting.

Health forms – we need two copies of your health form, including a photocopy of your Scout's medical insurance card (find a blank of the BSA Health Form HERE).  Please keep the original.  If you already gave us a form for Ockanickon or Sea Base then you don't need to do anything else (unless the parent and doctor signatures are older than August 2012; in that case we'll let you know).  

Special Food Diets or Allergies- Please email Mr. Bryant to let him know of any food allergies or special dietary needs.

Camp Address:
All incoming mail should be addressed as follows:
Scout’s Name
Troop 98
Susquehannok Campsite
Rodney Scout Reservation
400 Rodney Scout Road
North East, MD 21901
For Scouts to receive mail while in camp, please be sure to mail it early!

Sunday Schedule:

Car poolers arrive at 10:45 AM at Stony Creek Elementary School.  Goal is to leave by 11AM.

1pm arrive and set up camp- Med Check, swim test permission slips turned in. Temp check – 101 or higher will be sent home.

2-4PM – tour of pool and dining hall (table assignment)

Troop Photo – In Uniform - we will provide the photographer and do our own.

5:00- Picnic dinner at parade field – Class A uniforms with Class B under shirt-can remove class A at dinner.

Meals at dining hall: Breakfast – 7 or 8 am = we will get our assignment that day.

                                Lunch – Noon or 1PM

                                Dinner – 5 or 6PM

Thursday – no dinner at dining hall – cooking merit badge will be making their own dinner, troop will cook at site.  

Saturday - return to St. John's at about Noon.  Your Scout will phone you on the way.


The suggested list of what to bring is HERE.  Please note the prohibited items.  If you're doing anything aquatic, we recommend one extra swim suit and at least one extra towel.

You need to bring/wear Scout uniform shorts in addition to your uniform shirt.  If you don't have a pair of shorts, please get one. They're on sale right now [INFO]! Email Bob Trejo if you need him to pick up a pair at the NYC Scout Shop.

We've been strongly advised to bring plenty of insect repellent and mosquito netting to put over your bunk.  Nets are sold at the Rodney Trading Post.

Footwear & “Boat Shoes”
Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times in camp. Closed‐toed footwear and socks must be worn at all times around camp except while swimming in the pool.  
“Boat Shoes” refers to the footwear required to be worn while boating or wading in the bay. These must be closed‐toed and can be
old sneakers, boots, or shoes to be worn only for this purpose. Wet shoes that are worn around camp will cause blisters. Aqua socks, sandals, and open‐toed shoes are not acceptable as “boat shoes” and will prevent Scouts from participating in any programs on the bay. Crocs™ that are closed‐toed, have thick soles and will not slip off your feet are acceptable.

Mountain Bikes at camp are encouraged since Rodney is a large camp. Camp roads are not paved so helmets, shoes and socks must be worn when riding.  BRING A BIKE LOCK!  We will need assistance getting the flat trailer to Rodney; let us know if you can help when you complete the Preparedness RSVP