Camp Cards 2013

If you'd like to raise some money for yourself for Summer Camp or High Adventure (like Sea Base, Philmont, or even the Jamboree), consider participating in the CAMP CARDS program, which was set up by the Cradle of Liberty Council.

  • What is it?  It's a card that you sell to people so they can get shopping and activity discounts at certain places.

  • What does it cost?  You sell the card for $5.  You get $2.50 credit in your Troop 98 account for each card you sell (provided you turn in the money!).

  • How do I sign up?  Pick up the number of cards you'd like to sell at a Troop Meeting.  You are responsible to Troop 98 for $5 times the number of cards you take!  You may return unsold cards but if you lose them you are responsible for their value.

  • How long do I have to sell the cards?  You must turn in the money you have raised and any unsold cards by May 17th (the weekend we go camping with Canadian Scouts).

  • What exactly are the cards good for?  Each card has several discounts.  Some are one-time use (you tear off a coupon) and others are multi-use (you can use the discount over and over).  Here are the exact discounts:

 - $5 off $40 (all locations) - with a ShopRite store in East Norriton, the card can pay for itself with just this one use!
 – BOGO large sandwich


Applebees – 10% off (nationwide)
Bruster's Real Ice Cream - $1.00 off any two items
Bucks County River Country – Buy one tube get one free (one location)
Meineke - $10 off $75 (all locations)
Modells – 10% off with MVP card (free at register) (all PA Market, Southern Jersey stores and Christiana location)
Papa John's - $5 off $20 (online orders)
Please Touch Museum - $1.50 off up to 4 general admission tickets

About Fundraising in Troop 98...

Traditionally, Troop 98 has not carried out fundraising, although we make available to Scouts programs like this on an optional basis (also popcorn sales in the Fall).  Some parents have asked if we can do fundraising.  The answer is yes, but we ask that one or more parents volunteer to lead the effort and make sure we operate within strict BSA fundraising rules.  If you'd like to help, please contact the Scoutmaster.  Also, if the cost of Scouting ever represents a hardship to you, or you know of someone else for whom it does, please contact the Scoutmaster.