Caleb G's Eagle Project

 My project is refurbishing a section of trail around Wissahickon School District property on the corner of Knight and Houston Roads

The Wissahickon Cross Country Team’s home course

travels through here, as well as many other people and students. 

When: Saturday 17 June, 9 AM until it's done!     ==> RSVP HERE   <==

Where: Ambler, Corner of Knight & Houston (Down the Street from the High School)

We will meet at the Wissahickon Middle School softball fields (right next to Houston Rd.). Parking is available across the street at Lower Gwynedd Elementary School or at the Middle or High Schools.  We will then proceed to walk 0.16 miles to the actual project site. If you arrive late follow the signs (or listen for the cool music or the screaming). ;-)

What To Bring


  • wear comfortable boots, long sleeve shirt and pants (to protect from sun, bugs and branches)
  • bring sturdy work gloves
  • bring sunglasses and a hat (it's June and it could be HOT)
  • put on sunscreen and bug repellant

  • We could use shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes (both leaf and mulch), pitchforks, shears, clippers.  If you're willing to bring these indicate it on the RSVP form.

We will be buying pizza for the project so be sure to RSVP so we know how many pizzas to get.