Brendan G's Eagle Project


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When: August 15, 2020 (9am to 3pm) – 2 hour slots

Where: Wentz Run Park Trail System - Blue Bell

Brendan G’s Eagle Scout Project • Trail Improvement at Wentz Run Park

Where: The project is taking place on Wentz Run Park’s trails, but we will not be entering them from Wentz Park directly. On Union Meeting Road, there is an office park called Harvest Drive. You’re looking for 960 Harvest Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422, buildings A and B. After turning into 960, go over the speedbumps and then take a left at the stop sign. Go down to the end and you’ll see the trail entrance. If you participated in Nate Chang’s conservation project in June, this is the same place.

When: Saturday, August 15th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

What: There are certain areas of Wentz Run Park’s trails that become very muddy after it rains and then don’t dry up for days. What we will be doing is building two wooden walkways that go over these areas so that people using the trails don’t have to worry about mud.

You should wear: sunscreen, work clothes, work gloves, and work boots

You will need to bring: a drill driver or impact driver, a hoe, an iron rake, and a shovel

-Scouts will be required to do a COVID safety check upon arrival. Please do not do anything until you have been checked.
-Scouts under 14 must sign up with a parent due to BSA restrictions on power tool usage.

-I will be providing small bottled waters and prepackaged snacks, but please bring your own water bottle and lunch to reduce COVID risk as much as possible.
-Please label your tools to prevent mix-ups that could spread the virus.

-If you need to borrow a tool, clean it with a sanitizing wipe first. We will provide wipes at the project.

Thanks for helping out with my project!!