Backpacking on the Pinchot Trail

Getting ready for our trip to Philmont!

Friday, April 9th to Sunday, April 11th

Backpack 13 or 23 miles (weather and "psyche"-dependent) on the Lackawanna State Forest Trail System.


  • Depart from St. Dunstan's at 4PM Friday (2 hour drive to trailhead)
    ==> Let us know your earliest departure time on the RSVP form <==
  • Return to St. Dunstan's at 3PM Sunday
  • Food and gear by Philmont Crew (please communicate among yourselves!)
  • Each crew will receive one breakfast and one lunch from the Philmont commissary (enough for the entire crew).  Therefore, you only need to purchase/obtain 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner for your crew (assuming you bring your own dinner/sack lunch on Friday, and the two meals we give you are for Sunday).
  • Pinchot is definitely in bear country.  ONLY BRING MINIMUM SMELLABLES.  Bring a sturdy bear bag and rope(s).
  • If you need to get gear from the Troop shed, or have questions or concerns about your personal backpacking gear, see the Scoutmaster at the Bonfire on Friday 2 April (details on the Home Page).
  • BE PREPARED for wet/muddy conditions in the State Forest.
We need at least one more adult to backpack with us so that we can break into three groups.  We may need additional drivers.  Please let us know if you can help!


Trip Logistics:
  • Meet at St. Dunstan's by 4PM, later only if you absolutely have to.  We plan to drive out of the parking lot at 5PM sharp.  If you run into trouble getting there please call Mr. Trejo's cell phone.  We need you there by 4 because we still have to prepare things with gear and food while we're at St. Dunstan's.

  • Friday drivers are Marrocco, Tummino, Okamoto, Trejo, and Thurston (thank you Mrs. Thurston!).

  • Sunday return drivers are Marrocco, Tummino, Trejo and Bakes (thank you Mrs. Bakes!).

  • We have rented a 12 passenger van for the trip.  We will split the cost among non-driving Scouts.

  • We will return Sunday at 3PM.  We will call you en route if we are substantially earlier.
Personal Gear:
  • Make sure you bring a bag dinner for Friday (nothing messy in the cars, please).

  • Bring standard backpacking gear for a two-night trip.  It will probably be muddy/wet so make sure you have extra socks and shoes.  It will be a little cooler, nightime in the 30's, so BE PREPARED.  Forecast: WEATHER

  • Bring 
    • water bottles (ideally two quarts-worth)
    • personal eating gear
    • any medications you may require
    • minimize smellables (we are going into bear country)
    • here is the Philmont gear list if you need to consult it; remember, this list is meant for a 12 day expedition so for this weekend's trip you should bring a lot less of each item than they suggest:  GEAR

  • If you have a lightweight backpacking tent and haven't yet offered it for use please bring it along as we seem to be a little short on tents.