Backpacking and Camping March 2020


Friday March 20 to Sunday March 22 – 
Campout at Hawk Mountain Camp (owned by Oreland Troop 1 [LINK])

Leave from St. John’s at 5:30PM on Friday  
Return to St. John’s on Sunday at 1:00PM
  • Philmont Skills Preparation
  • Philmont Program Discussion and Selection
  • Rank Advancement to First Class (5-mile hike requirement, too)
  • Camping Merit Badge and Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
  • Cooking Merit Badge (if you've already started it)
  • We may offer shooting sports
  • Possible visit to Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary (if you're not backpacking)
This is a Philmont-required campout. We will be doing backpacking skills and prep instruction, plus setting up and taking down camp, plus backpacking on the Appalachian Trail.

Non-Philmont bound Scouts will work on rank completion in camp, plus Wilderness Survival skills (yes, you can start and/or complete the merit badge). If you're not going to Philmont and are already First Class rank you can join the backpacking crews.

  • Philmont (and backpacking) Scouts will set up and camp in tents if the weather isn't bad
  • Non-backpacking Scouts will sleep in the Hawk Mountain Camp cabin
  • Philmont (and backpacking) Scouts' food will be provided for you at Camp. We will divide you into temporary crews to camp and cook.
  • Non-backpacking Scouts should plan meals by patrol.
Once you sign up we'll send you a list of what to bring (which depends on what you've signed up to do). If you're backpacking you'll need to be able to carry all your gear in a backpack. We can lend you one if you don't have one.