B-P District Dinner

Jan 19, 2017

Good morning fellow scouters.


I am trying to look favorably on the stretch of fair weather we have been experiencing but can’t help being a little suspicious of what is may be yet to come. (HOPEFULLY NOT!) Winter rain is not my favorite thing but remember this, You don’t have to shovel rain!


The reason I writing this email is four fold:


  1. I want to remind everyone about the Annual District Awards Dinner on March 19th at Flourtown Country Club
    (150 McCloskey Rd, Flourtown, PA 19031).

  2. Remind everyone about nominations for awards need to be submitted. (Nominations are open and due March 1st).

    Nominations are now open for the 2017
     District Awards. This is a great opportunity for Cub Scout leaders and Boy Scout leaders to recognize the dedicated men and women in your respective units who have gone the extra mile in providing service to our youth in the Scouting program. Please note that the District also has youth awards recognizing leadership in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.


    Nomination forms can be completed and submitted online by clicking on THIS LINK.  The deadline for submission is March 1, 2017.


    First time doing nominations? Find examples of previous successful nominations HERE.


    Questions can be directed to juliagop@gmail.com.


  3. Gather a few scouters that may would be interested handling decorations, flowers and other things for the dinner.

  4. Increase attendance the dinner.


Now that you all have been reminded I am asking you to pass the word (actually 2 words), Help and Attend. Ask around and if someone within your organization is willing to help out with the dinner planning have them contact me. Finally, talk to your group and see if others are interested in attending the dinner. The dinner is an opportunity to meet and socialize with others in district and recognize fellow scouters for the work they do shaping our youth.


Yours in Scouting,


Joe Kuklinski

Activities Chairman, Baden Powell District