Adventure Cards 2020


If you'd like to raise some money for yourself for Summer Camp or High Adventure (like Sea Base, Philmont, or the 2021 Jamboree), consider participating in the ADVENTURE CARDS program, set up by the Cradle of Liberty Council.  See details below and contact Mrs. Miller if you have questions (you can email/call her with details below).

  • What is a Adventure Card?  It's a card that you buy and resell to people so they can get shopping and activity discounts at certain places.
    If you know someone who shops at Shop Rite the cost of the card pays for itself on the first trip ($5 discount on $50 purchase).

  • What does it cost?  You buy the card for $5 and sell it for $5 (there's a $1 shipping charge). For every card you buy you get $3 credit in your Troop 98 account for each card you sell. So if you buy 10 cards it will cost you $51 dollars, you sell them for $50, and get a $30 credit in your account. This is a 60% commission.
  • How do I sell cards?
    1. Go HERE to learn about the program and download/customize or create email and/or social media appeals and send to our family and friends.
    2. Purchase cards online at  
      • Make sure you this Unit Code: BPBT0098
      • Make sure you use your Troop 98 Scout's First Name and last two initials (like "Mark Sm" if your name is Mark Smith)
    3. The council will credit Troop 98 with your commission, and Troop 98 will put that money into your account
    4. The council will mail the cards to you, then you sell them (or deliver them to people who committed to buy them)
  • Sales prizes: Your name is entered into a weekly prize drawing for each 25 cards sold and entered once again for a final prize drawing (prizes are gift cards and camperships to Summer Camp).
Do you have questions about Adventure Cards?  Contact Mrs. Miller at (or call 215-668-6266).

About Fundraising in Troop 98...

Traditionally, Troop 98 has not carried out fundraising, although we make available to Scouts programs like this on an optional basis (also popcorn sales in the Fall).  Some parents have asked if we can do fundraising.  The answer is yes, but we ask that one or more parents volunteer to lead the effort and make sure we operate within strict BSA fundraising rules.  If you'd like to help, please contact the Scoutmaster.  

If the cost of Scouting ever represents a hardship to you, or you know of someone else for whom it does, please contact the Scoutmaster.