Activity Day at St. John's

  1. MAKE SURE you bring a face mask (or two, or three) with your NAME written on them

  2. Eat lunch before you arrive, and bring snacks that you can munch on throughout the day. We cannot allow anyone to share food.

  3. Bring a sturdy water bottle and PLEASE put your name on it. We cannot have anyone share water bottles or drinking utensils.

  4. You don't need to bring eating gear; we'll be using disposables.

  5. Dress warmly in MULTIPLE LAYERS:
    • BASE LAYER of synthetic material [like Dri-Fit] that wicks perspiration away from your body and keeps you dry
    • WARMTH LAYER of an outer shirt plus a fleece or light jacket or WOOL sweater to keep you warm
    • OUTER LAYER to protect you from wind and rain - this can also be a big puffy jacket, but only if you have the inner layers
      It's better to have many layers that equal one big puffy layer

  6. MAKE SURE you are wearing warm and water-resistant shoes (it's MUDDY out back at St. John's!) and LOTS of extra socks and an extra pair of shoes.

  7. GLOVES and a WARM HAT (or even two; if you get cold at night easily wearing a wooly hat is a great solution).

  8. BRING A LAWN CHAIR or some sort of portable stool that you can sit on for meals and for the campfire. This is essential for us to ensure you're physically distancing from other Scouts and people.

  9. If you're planning to help with the St. John's cleanup, please bring a cordless leaf blower if you have one (with extra batteries, if possible) and a RAKE!

  10. If you're camping out, bring one (or more) sleeping bags. Putting one inside the other is a great way to increase warmth. You should have a ground pad to sleep on top of, but if you don't, bring a blanket (wool is best).


Saturday November 14 – beginning at Noon
OPTIONAL Overnight Campout to Sunday

Come out to St. John's for a busy day filled with opportunities for fun, service, and advancement.

Saturday beginning at Noon:
  • Advancement for OPHIES and anyone else needing to complete outdoor requirements for Early Ranks

  • INSTRUCTORS (or want-to-be Instructors) can help teach and test this content, or spend some time with visiting 5th graders (some Troop 98 siblings, some Webelos)

  • Help out with a CLEAN UP project for St. John's. They have a new pastor arriving the following week and you can earn service hours (plus the admiration of your Scout leaders) by making the property look spiffy.

  • Help out with TROOP GEAR if you're a QUARTERMASTER (or want to be one)

  • The CAN STACKING CONTEST is moved to the following Friday (20 November) - Details HERE

  • Help your patrol build part of an OBSTACLE COURSE then COMPETE for points
    General | SCOUT PIONEERING | Page 2

  • Help us conduct a FLAG RETIREMENT ceremony (this can count as a flag ceremony for Second Class requirement 8a).

  • Work on PIONEERING structure (this is the one Alex W wants to build).

  • Stay for DINNER (and help prepare it if you need Cooking requirements)

  • Stay for a CAMPFIRE

  • CAMP OUT overnight (you will have to stay in your own tent)

Check out THESE PHOTOS from a backyard campout we had in the Fall of 2018.