What I'm Doin' at Summer Camp

At recent troop meetings we've been asking Scouts to set goals for what they want to accomplish at Summer Camp and build a program around them (both Ockanickon and Goshen, but this page is focused on Ockanickon).

First Year Scouts finishing 5th grade will be in the all-day Dan Beard program, but they can still choose some optional evening merit badges or activities.  We'll be making suggestions to them at camp depending on how much down time they want, what the weather is like, and how much we have going on in our campsite.

Second Year and Up Scouts should create a schedule listing all the badges and activities they want to accomplish.  All Scouts must have a full morning schedule of either three one-hour classes/activities, two 1.5 hour classes, or one 1 hour + one 1.5 hour.  We will re-check each Scout's plan upon arrival and make adjustments if necessary.  Scouts attempting to take a merit badge that has limited space (like Photography) or has a strict age requirement that you need an exception for (like science badges or Climbing) should have an alternative selection in case they don't get in.

Your individual schedule should look something like this (with the merit badges and activities you choose, of course):

 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 9:15 Env Sci.
  Env Sci.  Env Sci.  Env Sci.  Env Sci.
 10:10 Basketry Basketry Basketry Basketry Basketry
 11:05 Art Art Art Art Art
 2:00 First Aid
  First Aid  First Aid  First Aid  First Aid
 3:00 1st Aid (to 2:30)
  1st Aid (to 2:30)  1st Aid (to 2:30)  1st Aid (to 2:30)  1st Aid (to 2:30)
 4:00 Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy

Most merit badges held during the day require you to go every day all week.  You may want to make a list of the evening programs you want to do.  Most of those only require you to go one or two times.  We will also be working with some Scouts on Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class rank advancement in camp during the afternoon, as well as building our new floating fortress, restoring a trebuchet, practicing for the Air Band contest (details here: AIR BAND), or doing merit badge homework.  Maybe even a little hanging out.

If you're still not sure of what to do, or want to work on your schedule some more, go here and check out all the offerings (both merit badge and non-merit badge activities):  OCKANICKON PROGRAM

The Ockanickon MASTER SCHEDULE is a one-page sheet that has almost everything listed.  It's here:  MASTER SCHEDULE

Make sure that you know if the badge you are attempting has any prerequisites (check the PREREQUISITES and WHAT TO BRING columns on the OCKANICKON PROGRAM page).  If you don't complete these before camp you'll only go home with a partial, not a completed merit bage.  If you want to understand why Ockanickon has prerequisites, go here:  WHY PREREQUISITES

Some of the activities listed may require you to pay extra money (like Golf merit badge, Horsemanship merit bage, Discover SCUBA, or SCUBA BSA).  Make sure you read the details carefully and bring money to pay for the activity.  If transportation away from Ockanickon is required, please make sure you arrange this with your parents or another Scout and his parents.