Optional Activities

We will be doing a bunch of things within the Troop but there are some optional activities that you can try if you meet the age and preparation requirements.  Some of these require an additional fee and some require you to get a ride since they are away from Ockanickon (it's possible someone else at Ockanickon is going but it's best if you arrange transportation on your own with your parents or perhaps a friend's parents).  Details on all of these are listed on Ockanickon's Individual Activities pages:  PROGRAM
  • GOLF - Tuesday and maybe Thursday.  It depends on weather but it's not too hard to get Golf merit badge.  You will need someone to get you to and from the golf course in Warrington.  $40 and proper clothes.

  • HORSEBACK RIDING - Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon (you need to do all three for the badge).  Transportation and $60.  You will miss our Troop rafting trip on Wednesday.

  • DISCOVER SCUBA - Tuesday or Thursday evening.  This is a fun way to experience scuba by doing one or two shallow dives in the Ockanickon pool.  Two of our Scouts did this last year and loved it and it's only $6!  You will need to fill out a Bubblemakers Survey and waiver, found here:  SCUBA SURVEY

  • SCUBA BSA - This is a more involved Scuba experience, where you'll spend more time in the water and end up with the Scuba BSA award.  Held Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (you only need to do one time), cost is $40 and a medical questionnaire is required:  MEDICAL

  • Other activities like Woodburning, Mountain Boarding, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing and more are available.  Decide what kind of split you'd like between merit badges and non-merit badge activities and build your schedule.  Make sure the times and dates don't conflict with each other!