Ockanickon Logistics

Arrival on Sunday July 5

Plan to arrive at Ockanickon promptly at 2PM.  We will be in the Ajapeu campsite (same as last year and this year's April campout) which is adjacent to the parking lot.  Directions to Ockanickon are here:  DIRECTIONS.   When you arrive, turn into the main parking lot and park towards the back (by the water tanks) and on the left.  Here's the campsite map:  CAMP MAP
Ockanickon strongly recommends carpooling.

There's tons to do after we arrive.  First Year Scouts should wear their bathing suit and have a towel handy as they'll be going for their swim test shortly after arrival.  You should also have all your forms, waivers and payments ready and take them to the check-in desk in our campsite.  Please also have your medication bags and forms handy as we need to take those down to the medical re-check.  All Scouts should have their Class A Uniform handy to put on when we go to dinner.  This is when our camp picture will be taken.

Parent Visits 
Ockanickon allows parents to "visit" only on Sunday (during and shortly after drop-off) and on Saturday (before pickup).  This policy is designed to minimize homesickness, allow camp staff better control of who's on property and protect all campers.  Parents are invited to a camp-wide flag ceremony on pickup Saturday at 9:30AM.

You may stay for dinner on Sunday and/or have breakfast with us on Saturday.  You will have to pay $7 for dinner and $3 for breakfast.  Details: GUEST MEALS.  Please let us know if you plan to do this when you complete the Response Form on the Ockanickon 2009 page.

Registered Adults and Leaders
You may come to Ockanickon for a day or more as a registered adult or leader and we'd love to have you because we're still a little short on adult leadership, especially among the First Year Scouts.  You can be as involved as you'd like during the day, but it can actually be quite relaxing.  Ockanickon does a nice job of providing what they call "Leader Amenities":  AMENITIES.   There is wireless web access available in one of the camp buildings and wireless broadband has acceptable coverage.  Please contact the Scoutmaster to coordinate joining us.  We also have a special need for adults to join us on Wednesday afternoon for our Delaware River rafting trip (rain date Thursday).  Plan to be at Ockanickon at 11:30 and return around 5 or 6 and join us for dinner.  YOU WILL GET WET!  Wear sunscreen, bring a swimsuit and towel!

Departure on Saturday July 11

Please arrive to pick up your Scout no later than 10AM, 9AM if you want to attend the closing ceremony.  Unless you have a very pressing commitment, please ask your son to help clean up and pack up the campsite and don't leave until dismissed by the leaders.  We will also need some Scouts to help put things away in the gear shed upon return to Blue Bell.


Camper’s name
Troop 98 – Week 3
Ockanickon Scout Reservation
5787 State Park Road
, PA 18947

Care packages are okay, but nothing too excessive or messy, please!

Send an email to Scoutmaster@bsa98.com
We will check this address daily

Bob Trejo's cell phone - on your permission slip

Steve Elliott - on your permission slip

Camp Office