Health Records and Medications

Annual Health and Medical Record Forms

Status Requirements
Boy Scout or Adult Leader under 40 Annual Health and Medical Record Form or, for 2009 only, Class 1 & 2 or class 3 Medical form (the "old" forms) completed by a physician within the last 36 months and annual health history page completed and signed by a parent within the last 12 months.
Adult leader over 40 (regardless of length of stay) Annual Health and Medical Record Form or, for 2009 only, Class 3 medical form (the "old" form) completed by a licensed physician within the last 12 months.

Please note, 2009 is the last year the "old" forms will be accepted, please complete the new health form for next year or for medical forms that have expired before the start of this season.

Other forms such as sports physicals or physicals for non-Scout camps will not be accepted!

Medications in Camp

During check-in, Scouts with medication will have their medications placed into a gallon size plastic bag labelled with their name, troop number and campsite, all of which will be known upon arrival to the med recheck site.  There are several stock medications in the Health Office so you do not have to pack basic medication (this does not include over the counter allergy medication). The nurse asks that if someone is on emergency inhalers or has an epi-pen that they provide one for the Health Office and keep one on their person and please let their unit leader know. Storing camper medication is a National Policy not a choice of Ockanickon and we are not permitted to allow campers to hold their medications except in the case of emergency medications like an epi-pen or fast-acting heart medication.

It's very helpful for parents to complete ahead of time the Medications in Camp form found here:  MEDS

Medications Storage-All medication must be checked in at the Health Lodge upon arrival at camp. Each person must check in his or her own medication which will be kept in the Health Lodge under lock and key. The Health Lodge has refrigerated storage facilities for medicines that must be kept cold. Campers with medications that must be kept cold should have a cold

Medication Times - Morning medications will be given out from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and evening medications will be given out from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Campers who need medication at other times please review your medication schedule with the Health Officer on the first full day of your stay. Each Camper who checks their medication into the Health Lodge will have a medication number written on their bracelet. Campers can speed up receiving their medication by using this number. Troops will receive a list of what campers take medication when within a day of arrival. Having a leader check with their Scouts that they've taken their medication is strongly recommended.

Returning Medications - All medications and the plastic bags will be returned to one adult leader from the Troop on Saturday morning from 7AM to 9AM.  No physicals will be returned this year, so please make copies BEFORE you come to camp.

Allergies and Special diets

Please see the Ockanickon website for information on allergies and special diets and discuss with a Troop leader if you feel you need to.  Link here:  ALLERGIES/DIETS (scroll down the page)