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May 23-24 2009 Cycling Details


The Lehigh Gorge Trail is beautiful. It parallels the Lehigh River between the mountains. White water rapids in spots. Waterfalls. Train tracks on the other side.  The trail is loose gravel so we recommend a Mountain Bike with wide tires. Also, even though grade is "slight" (less than 1%) - in combination with loose gravel made for a little bit of a challenge on the return trip where we climbed back up 350 vertical feet!   Pictures here:  LEHIGH_GORGE

We will have a beginner trip, plus one or more experienced-rider trips.  We need drivers both ways and parents to cycle with us!  We will camp at Hickory Run State Park, which is in a beautiful location and has an awesome boulder field!   Website here:  HICKORY_RUN

We could use a parent to stay in camp (and not cycle) to take care of our things and be there if someone needs to return.  You could read a book or just relax!  Bonus points if you can pull the troop trailer to drop off bikes and pick them up!

Depart Saturday 8:30AM from St. Dunstan's  (PLs and Quartermasters: arrive early to load gear!)
Return Sunday Noon to St. Dunstan's

Everyone must wear a helmet in good condition (including adults).  Your bike and helmet MUST HAVE BEEN CHECKED at a troop meeting in order to be allowed to go on this trip.  DO NOT JUST SHOW UP ON SATURDAY MORNING AND EXPECT TO BE ALLOWED TO GO without having had your bike checked at a Troop Meeting.
  • tent camping by patrol
  • meals by patrol  (First Year Scouts: you will work on this at the next troop meeting)
  • eat breakfast before you leave on Saturday morning; drink lots of water!
  • bring a bag lunch (nutritious!); bring at least one quart of water; bring a day pack to carry your stuff
  • wear/bring clothing and gear for a standard campout - CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST
  • wear/bring sunscreen and bug spray