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COL Jamboree Details - May 1 to May 3 at Green Lane Park

Friday, May 1st to Sunday, May 3rd -

Cradle of Liberty Council Jamboree
"Liberty Jam"


Since this will be the first Boy Scout campout that many of you are attending we will try to cover most of the basics, please note that since this is a special jamboree event some of the procedures will not follow our usual protocols.  Many of you have asked questions,  the answers to those questions are covered in this note.  I appreciate the patience from those of you that have done this many times before!

We need you to complete a final logistics survey to make sure we have the most up to date information, my apologies if this is repetitive for some of you.  Your troop leaders use this system to consolidate all of our required info in one place electronically – it is exponentially easier and more accurate than culling through tons of emails!

It is critical that we know who is driving and when - we need to make sure we have enough rides at the correct time for everyone.

 Please complete the final logistics form by clicking on the link below  



DEPARTURE to JAMBO (Arrive St. Dunstan’s @ 4:45 pm)

 We assemble as a troop at St. Dunstan’s for camping trip departures, there we will:

      Ø      collect signed permission slips (will be sent out in a separate email)

Ø      finalize vehicle assignments for each scout

Ø      review any last minute directions / changes with drivers

Ø      help Scouts pack required troop gear into vehicles

For this trip we would like to depart at 5 pm, please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance!  Since parking is a premium at the park carpooling is strongly encouraged. Site logistics also require as many of us to show up at the same time as possible.

If an important conflict prevents you from traveling with the troop, we need to know when you are arriving on your own, this is especially important since we will collect all of the troop registration info and event tickets when we check in and we must coordinate delivery of this to you when you arrive.



Drivers for Sunday should arrive around 10:15 Sunday morning at the sub-camp parking lot to retrieve Scouts along with personal and troop gear

      Ø      Scouts will call home (leaders provide phones) on the return trip to advise on an ETA at St. Dunstan’s

Ø      Scouts will be dismissed after troop gear is returned to shed



We will have a special “event” troop organization for the entire Jamboree.  We will establish temporary patrols for this event only.  The patrols are headed by a patrol leader, and the troop is lead by the Senior Patrol Leader.

We are registered for 2 patrol competitions during the day:  Camping Skills and Relay Race.  We will create a “competition patrol” from the Troop, more info when we arrive. 

 Let’s keep that Troop 98 winning streak going!!!

 Personal Gear

      Ø      Bring CASH for Lunch and for the Trading Post if you wish

Ø      Use your camping check list from our last troop meeting, check your scout handbook!

Ø      Dress in layers so you can easily adjust to changing temperatures

Ø      Bring extra socks! 

Ø      Bring a warm knit hat

Ø      Check the weather – BE PREPARED


Ø      Scouts & Leaders MUST be in Class “A” or “B” uniform from Friday night until Saturday night dinner.

Ø      Class “A” uniforms MUST be worn for the Evening Stage Show and for Sunday Scout’s Own Services.

Ø      Class “B” uniforms, which are a Troop 98 green T-Shirt

Ø      New Scouts do not have Class “B” uniforms yet, so they should wear class “A”

Ø      No electronics, iPods, DS’s, cell phones, etc!!!!!



      Ø      For this trip the assistant scoutmasters will coordinate menus and securing food for the entire troop

Ø      Scouts will work in patrols to prepare food for the troop and adult guests.  

Ø      We may reach out to some of the adults attending to see if you can help with food procurement and transportation. 

Ø      We are asking the adults that are camping to bring your favorite simple appetizer to share (with other adults) before dinner Saturday night.


Don’t forget your mess kits! 

Adults please bring one along also if you can.




Friday Night Snack:          Hot Dogs, pretzels, iced tea or lemonade


Saturday Breakfast:          Scrambled Eggs, sausage, cheese, in a tortilla, milk, juice


Saturday Lunch:                ON YOUR OWN – purchase from Food Court or pack a lunch from home


Saturday Dinner:                Scouts: Salad, Sloppy Joes, Cheese, Rolls, Iced Tea, and dessert

                                                 Adults: Appetizers, Salad, Grilled Chicken, Rolls, dessert


Sunday Breakfast:             Oatmeal, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Milk, Juice


Ø      All scouts and adults attending should bring a portable chair, those that collapse into a carrying bag are best.

Ø      The troop will supply a large “dining fly” for group use to protect us from any rain and provide shade if necessary.

 *** If anyone has a camping style portable table, please bring it along, workspace will be at a premium! ***


On the logistic questionnaire we ask about tents, please let us know if you can bring a tent and how many people it can hold, we have a limited amount of space, so we want to consolidate scouts wherever practical, but always comfortable! 


There is potential rain in the forecast so please double check your tents to make sure rain fly’s are in good shape and you have enough stakes and ropes for the tent and fly as designed.  A tent in reasonably good shape – pitched correctly – will keep you dry.


We are in Sub Camp number FOUR - ORANGE

(Lafayette, Northern and Baden Powell Districts)


According to the Jambo Coordinators Hill Road is under construction, and they have recommended a detour to subcamp 4 parking area, it is shown on the Google Map!   Driving directions here:  TO GREEN LANE


What if I just want to stop by for the day?

Individuals who wish to attend the Liberty Jam for the day may register on-site Saturday May 2, 2009. Walk-up registrations ($12) will be processed at each Subcamp Headquarters. Day-Pass Guests should park in the corresponding sub camp parking area, then register at the subcamp 4 headquarters. We are Troop 98 / Baden Powell district.


What ELSE?  

The official event schedule was sent to all Scouts attending.

Did you remember to complete the FINAL LOGISTICS SURVEY?  è SUBMIT FINAL JAMBO INFO HERE ç

 Please contact Mr. Elliott if you need to discuss anything!  (his cell number is on the email sent to you).


  Get psyched for a great Scouting Weekend!