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Camporee Details/Preps

As of 745AM on Friday there are no changes to the schedule or departure times.  Please be at St. Dunstan's promptly by 5PM.  If you change your plans please send an email or call the Scoutmaster.

Do you have a pair of walkie-talkies?  Please label them with your name and bring them (kindly check the batteries).  Thanks!

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October - 
Fall Camporee at Camp Hart

  • Leave:  Friday from St. Dunstan's at 5PM.  
  • Return:  Sunday to St. Dunstan's at 2PM.
  • Directions to Camp Hart here:  DIRECTIONS
  1. We are assuming that the entire troop is going unless you already told us you're not.  If you haven't responded you can still do so now:  RSVP

  2. If you volunteered to drive we will need you on Friday or Sunday or both.  Driver list will go out tomorrow or Thursday latest.

  3. When you arrive tell the parking dude that you're with Troop 98 - the Camporee Host Troop.  Parking will be very tight but we'll have an area reserved just for Troop 98, very close to our campsite.

  4. We are camping in Adirondacks (in what's called the "Staff Ads" area, next to the Campmaster's Cabin).  You should bring a warm sleeping bag and one or two sleeping bag pads or even a lightweight cot.  If you don't have a pad bring a large, warm blanket that you can fold up underneath your sleeping bag.  If you have a tarp with grommets bring it to hang in the front of the Ad (please write your name on it).  Adult campers should bring a tent with sleeping pad(s) and/or cots.  Please reply if you need a spot in a tent.

  5. All your meals will be provided by the Troop (lunch on Saturday provided by the Camporee).  We will have a hot dog snack on Friday night but you should eat something before you leave home.  You do not need to bring eating gear.

  6. You will be outside most of the day on Saturday, beginning at 7AM (for setup; events begin at 9:30 and end at 3:30, with an hour for lunch).  Unfortunately, rain is in the forecast.  Bring your best waterproof footwear (duck boots, galoshes) plus spare shoes, a good poncho or rainsuit, a waterproof rain hat and various layers that you can wear (although it shouldn't be too cold), even a small umbrella.  Bring at least two complete changes of  clothes (one you can use on Saturday if you need to and one for Saturday night and Sunday).  Bring a small pack you can keep your things in during the day, plus a drink bottle and some snacks, and a pen.
    Parents: If the weather makes it unsafe or risky to continue running the Camporee we will stop and go inside.

  7. Unless you are in a costume for your event you should wear your Scout uniform shirt during the day on Saturday (bring your neckerchief but don't wear it during the day).  Please remember to bring your name tag and place it on your outermost piece of clothing so the participants can see you are on staff and address you by name.  Unless they can see your uniform your name tag is the only item that will identify you as a member of "Troop 98 Event Staff".  It's likely that our entire troop will be asked to come forward at the Awards Ceremony for recognition.  Please keep your uniform shirt in good shape during the day for this.
We have a really ambitious program of events set up.  Please take a few minutes to review your assignment on this "Camporee To-Do List" ==>  TO DO LIST  (also attached to this message).  Event leaders and team members, please reply if anything is missing, if you have completed some of the things or if you have any other comments, notes or suggestions.

Event T-Shirt:  If you are in one of the following events:  Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, The Incredibles, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, we have just obtained a few iron-on transfers that you could use to make a T-shirt.  You will need a plain white T-shirt for this.  You can bring your T-shirt to camp on Friday and we will do our best to get these done on Friday night or you can pick up a transfer on Thursday evening at St. Dunstans from 7 to 8PM along with instructions on how to do this at home.  You may have better results that way!

Help on Thursday or Friday
  • If you will be or can be anywhere near Ockanickon Scout Reservation (north of Doylestown) on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning or early afternoon please reply.  We need you to pick up a popcorn-making machine.
  • If you will be or can be anywhere near Phoenixville (pretty close to Valley Forge Park) on Friday morning or early afternoon please reply.  We need you to pick up a gorilla suit!
Get psyched for the BEST CAMPOREE ever!