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Brandon's Eagle Project

Building on Wissahickon's Nature Center 

This is Brandon, Life Scout and Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 98. I am starting on my Eagle project and I need your help. For my project, I am working inside of Wissahickon School District's Nature Center,
a wooded area on the corner 
of Houston and Knight Road in Ambler. It's right next to Lower Gwynedd Elementary. Directions from St. Dunstans are here:  DIRECTIONS.

Within the nature center, I am building a trail off of the existing paved one. I am also aiding drainage along Houston Road by digging a course where the water can flow. Finally, I am also identifying trees in the area by putting signs near each one.

The first phase of my project will take place this Thursday, July 30th  from 7:00-8:00 PM. I will bring a group of about ten scouts along the trail in the nature center in order to identify trees that will later have signs. This is a great opportunity to earn First Class Rank Requirement #6: "Identify 10 kinds of native plants"!

If you would like to help, please respond using the response form linked at the bottom of this page. Also at the very bottom, I will show the number of spots that are still open.

  • Scouts do not have to wear uniforms or any other special clothing, but troop 98 T-shirts are always encouraged
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Anyone who needs the previously mentioned First Class Requirement should bring his Scout Handbook
  • I will call you at your phone number included in the response form if there is bad weather, causing me to postpone this portion of the project.
  • Wear insect repellent- there is standing water near my project site and likely mosquitoes.

The Response form can be found here:  RSVP

There are currently 6 spots available for the first phase of my project.  THANKS!!!