STEM Advancement Day and Campout at Rodney

Please respond by Friday September 13!  Click HERE to sign up for the trip and choose what merit badge you'd like to do!

We're planning a camping trip to Camp Rodney on the bank of the Chesapeake Bay and then on to Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math merit badge day.  This was a great event last year with lots of cool science and military stuff.  Once you sign up at link above we will register you for the event on the BSA website.

Some of the 24 merit badges offered have prerequisites (meaning there's stuff you need to do before you go) and some don't.  Typically, if you do the prerequisites (and bring proof with you) and you participate in the merit badge class and activities, you can complete the badge.  Click on each merit badge below to see its requirements.  You get to work on only one badge for the entire day.  The RSVP form will ask you for your first, second and third choices.  Sign up soon as space runs out for some of the most popular badges!

First Year Scouts: After you've reviewed the requirements (by clicking on each badge below) please discuss what merit badge you want to take with with Mr. Zamora.  Some of these badges are quite advanced and are not recommended for First Year Scouts.


You can read about Camp Rodney HERE.   Read about all the merit badges offered and the PREREQUISITES HERE.

Depart from St. John's on Friday at 5:45PM.

Return to St. John's on Sunday at Noon.

Cost: $30 for event and camping fees plus food.

If there is enough interest and there are enough drivers, it may be possible for Scouts to just come for the day on Saturday.  Let us know this is your preference on the sign up form.  We will let you know if it will be possible.  Your odds of this being possible increase substantially if you provide a driver!

And don't forget to CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Dress for the event is the Scout uniform, and if you have a name tag, please wear that as well.

Here's what you need to know and to bring:

1.    Pack for a weekend campout (check the list in the Scout Handbook if you're not sure of what to bring). Check the weather forecast for Elkton, MD.  There is a chance of rain and it will be in the 40’s to 60’s range.  We will be sleeping in a cabin at Camp Rodney in Maryland prior to heading to APG. 

2.    Make sure you bring eating gear (plate/bowl, cup, utensils).

3.    Bring your Troop 98 Permission Slip (which will be emailed to you separately).

4.    Please pack your Scout uniform!

5.    Check the Troop 98 website before you leave home for St. John's on Friday (in case there are any last minute notices).

6.    Be at St. John's by 5:45 PM on Friday.  Eat dinner or bring a sack dinner to eat at camp (nothing messy in the cars please, like hot wings!).  We will have some food in the evening, too.

7.    Bring a few dollars for stuff you may want to buy during pit stops.

8.    Return to St. John's at Noon on Sunday.

Schedule Friday:

    5:30-5:45pm - Arrive St. Johns

    6:00-6:15pm - Leave St. Johns.

    8:00pm - Arrive Camp Rodney


    7:30am - Leave Camp Rodney.

    8:30am - Arrive Aberdeen Proving Ground, Rte 22 gate.

    9:00am - 11:00am First merit badge session.

    11:00am - 1:00pm Lunch/exhibits (Bring your lunch).

    1:00pm - 3:30pm Second merit badge session.

    4:00pm - Return to Camp Rodney


    11:00am - Depart for St. Johns

    12:30pm - Arrive at St. Johns (unload trailer...)

Click on any merit badge below to see its requirements: