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(from the Scoutmaster)
  • Green vs. Red (considering increasing income inequality in the world and what you can do about it)

  • The Machine Stops (1909 dystopian sci-fi story about the automation of society)

  • One in four children 'have problematic smartphone use'

  • Seriously, stop trying to teach toddlers how to code
    "...teach them to be independent and decent human beings. Let your children pursue their own interests, struggle with their own problems, and devise their own solutions."
    "Teach them also the importance of collaboration. The days of brilliant, lone hackers are over. Many software developers now work in large teams, which requires empathy and respect for many different kinds of people. Tell your toddlers that we can all learn from each other. Show them that they don’t act in a vacuum—that the things they do, and the words they say, have real consequences for themselves and others."
    "Finally, teach them patience in the face of increasingly intolerable frustration."

  • Why are Rich People so Mean?

  • Keynes was Wrong