Valley Forge Historical Trail Hike

RSVP HERE BY Wednesday, August 26th, PLEASE.

On the Road to Philmont!  On Sunday, August 30th, we will HIKE the Valley Forge Historical Trail in Valley Forge National Park.   

WHY?  Because it is there.  Because it is fun.  Because you need five 10-mile hikes to complete the Hiking merit badge (Eagle required).  Because to "be prepared" for Philmont, 10 miles in Valley Forge Park needs to become a "walk in the park."  Because if you complete this hike (and pay $10), you get a very cool medal.

WHEN?  Sunday, August 30th.  Meet at 10:00 am (if you are not there, we will assume you changed your mind) at the entrance to the Welcome Center at Valley Forge National Park.  Here are directions. All parents must be back for pick-up no later than 4:00 pm.

YOU NEED?  To RSVP.  To complete and bring the PERMISSION FORM (will be sent by email to those who RSVP).  To wear a BSA shirt (Troop 98 T-shirt or BSA uniform) and other appropriate clothes (check the weather) and good shoes (hiking boots are ideal, but athletic shoes will work).  BRING A COMPASS!  To bring water (at least two liters) and something for lunch.  Remember to wear/bring sun block and a hat.  Check out the Day Hike Checklist.

WHO?  The hike will be led by Karl Okamoto.  Call Mr. Okamoto at 267-934-1391 with any questions or concerns.  Parents are welcome to join us!

Bad Weather?  If the weather looks threatening (lightening, hail, tornados, etc.), we may reschedule.  A little rain will not stop us.  Check the BSA98 web site before heading out. 

Hope to see you on August 30th.

RSVP HERE BY Wednesday, August 26th, PLEASE.