Sea Base 2013

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Hello Florida Sea Base Scouts.

I am happy to report that we have enough Scouts and adults to go to Florida Sea Base this coming August.  The trip is the 8-day sailing trip in the Florida Keys on a large sailing vessel.  You will live on the boat, learn how to sail it, and travel among the keys and outer islands with lots of opportunities for sightseeing, fishing and snorkeling, plus a visit to Key West.

Here are the 20 people who have signed up for the trip (this is the minimum number of people they'll accept on this big 75 foot boat):

Ad Zamora
Ti Giddings
Jo O'Donnell
Mi Hong
Br McCool
Ma Bahr
Ri     Bakes
Mi Galbally
Pa    Clements
Ma Meiers
Aa Pieroni
An Johnson
Ma McCool
Ch    McCool
Ma Pellegrino
Tr Thurston
Ma Trejo

Mike Pieroni
Chip Thurston
Ethan Giddings

We have secured flights from Philadelphia at a very good fare so the anticipated cost per person has dropped to $1300.  You will probably have to purchase some small items for yourself, but nothing like backpacking equipment.  You'll definitely want to plan on taking spending money for yourself, perhaps $50 to $100.

14 August:  USAir #1885  755A PHL-FLL 1052A
21 August:  USAir #742    205P FLL-PHL 452P
Bus or van from Fort Lauderdale to Islamorada