Resica Notes from Saturday


Don't forget to bring:
  • Scout uniform, name tag and neckerchief (I promise you'll only have to wear the neckerchief once); OA sash if you're in the OA; a wire hanger or two
  • your Troop 98 2011 Summer Camp T-shirt (if you haven't received it yet we'll bring it for you; we'll also have extras for sale at camp for $12 and we'll BillMonk you)
  • rain gear and a few warm clothes (it will definitely rain, and it may get chilly at night)
  • partial cards for merit badges, plus your Scout Handbook, plus any materials or evidence of pre-requisites you've completed (Resica Falls pre-requisites HERE)
  • work gloves to work on our Troop gateway and the Ferris Wheel
  • decorations and/or costume stuff for Monday night's Halloween gig
  • water gun
  • money (we recommend $50 for Trading Post, plus additional money for certain badges; look up details for each merit badge HERE)

Final Instructions:
  1. Check the troop website before you leave home for any last minute instructions:
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast and make sure you're very well hydrated
  3. Be at the Center Square Wawa no later than 11AM (click HERE to see where)
  4. Check in with Matthew Trejo who will assign you to your car; take your gear there immediately and load it; overflow to Mr. Meiers truck
  5. If you still need to turn in forms see Mrs. O'Donnell
  6. Bring/buy a lunch (nothing messy in the cars please)

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, we're going to be short one leader from Sunday to Wednesday (leaving only two leaders in Camp).  While this isn't critical, it does leave us short for any contingencies that may arise.  If you're able to spend one or more days with us anytime between Sunday and Wednesday please contact Bob Trejo.