2011 Resica Falls

Video of Troop 98 Ferris Wheel - 2007

1) Transportation:
Please contact other Scout families to try to carpool.  Click HERE to let us know if you are driving and can take additional Scouts or if you'd like to get a ride for your Scout.  We will finalize all rides at Friday's troop meeting.  Resica is about 2 hours away from Blue Bell (St. John).

2) Sunday Arrival Time:  Our arrival time at Resica Falls is 1:45PM.  We'd like to meet at Resica Elementary School at 1:30PM (this is about 5 minutes from Camp).  We'll then drive up together so we can be processed into camp at the same time.  If you're late, go directly to camp.  Directions are on our website HERE (be sure to read the TRIP NOTES).  Saturday pickup time is 10AM at Camp.  We are in NAVAJO site.

3) Forms:  We Need 3 Forms from each Scout.  You will need your [#1] BSA Medical Form (if you went to Ockanickon, we already have it).  You will need to fill out a [#2] Medications in Camp Form (do this at Friday's troop meeting).  You need to bring a [#3] Troop 98 Permission Slip (which will be emailed separately).

4) What to pack?  Standard gear for a week at camp.  FYI, Resica Falls has no adirondacks.  You'll be sleeping in a two-person tent (on a mattress/spring bed).  There's a lake and the pool is close to our site (bring lots of towels).  If you were at Goshen, it feels a lot like our campsite there.  If you're still not sure, check out what Resica SUGGESTS HERE.

5) What advancement do you want to work on?  Resica Falls has merit badge sessions (classes) in the morning and "open program" in the afternoon.  Here's the: MORNING SCHEDULE.  Here are the: PREREQUISITES and other program information.  Note that some badges are one period long (40 minutes) and some are two periods.  Plan to have a full (or almost full) morning merit badge schedule, with options for other things in the afternoon like taking other badges, completing partials, working on the Ferris Wheel, side trips to the lake and falls, etc (think Goshen).  If you want to do COPE, make sure you bring the proper clothing; see page 39 of the Leader's Guide HERE.
  • Resica is a great camp to complete your partials!  Get out your old partial cards and figure out what you need to do to finish them.  Mr. Trejo commits to helping you do this, but you have to bring your cards and do any home-work at home!
  • Mr. Trejo will be conducting Citizenship in the Community merit badge in the afternoon or evening (most days).  You will still need to do all the home-based requirements at home (like going to township meetings and doing volunteer work).  We'll also have a Trail to Eagle session where we talk about all the steps for completing a project, getting a valid leadership position, and having your Board of Review.
  • When you know what you're doing please enter your SCHEDULE HERE.
  • You will need to complete Blue Cards for all merit badges you're attempting.  These cards have to be turned in on Sunday right after dinner.  We'll have blank cards for you to complete at Friday's Troop Meeting and at camp.  Here's a SAMPLE BLUE CARD properly completed.
6) If you were elected to the Order of the Arrow and are being called out/taking your ordealplease read the email from Mr. McCool and bring the items he listed (you can also look at page 44 of the Leader's Guide HERE).

Oh, by the way....

We're building the Ferris Wheel!!!  Bring work gloves!
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