2020 Winter Merit Badges

SIGN UP HERE ONCE YOU'VE DECIDED WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO TAKE. We will do our best to offer all these badges.

CLICK HERE to view requirements and worksheets for all merit badges.

Here is the merit badge schedule for the next few meetings. You can also open this spreadsheet HERE.

To complete the merit badge you will have to come to every Friday that has an X in the box (unless you finish it earlier, which is possible). Collections and Scholarship can usually be completed in one meeting and may be offered up to three times (A, B, and C) so you could take it on day A, or day B, or day C.
  1. Before you sign up, please take a look at Notes in the list above and comments below from each of the counselors and make sure you meet the restrictions and do the pre-requisites.

  2. If you're not yet First Class rank, we encourage you to use these meetings to complete your next rank (or more than one). Mr. Horn, Mr. Gallagher and other ASMs will be available to work with you. BE PREPARED by reviewing what you need in your Scout Handbook and bringing it with you to the Troop Meeting. SIGN UP for rank advancement in the same form as merit badges. You can probably do both rank advancement and a short duration merit badge, like Collections, Reading, or Scholarship.

  3. If you're not yet Star rank, we encourage you to take one or more of the non-Eagle badges. They'll be fun to do and you'll have a very high chance of completing them.

  4. It may be possible to complete more than one badge, but we encourage you to pick the one that's most important to you (or fun for you) and focus on completing it.

  5. You will complete blue cards for each of your badges at the first session of the badge.

  6. If we've totally messed up and not provided any good choices for you, please email the Scoutmaster. We do our best but it's a big troop.

  7. If you have downtime at any meeting we could use your help teaching/testing Rank requirements. You could also have a Scoutmaster Conference or a Board of Review (request it HERE).
Here are specific notes, restrictions, and pre-requisites for some of the merit badges:
  • Scholarship (Mr. Barsh): 
    • Anyone whose grades in school average a B (3.0/4.0) or better, or has improved from one marking period or semester to the next, is eligible. The sole prerequisite is a 250 word essay and two forms, and we'll be done in one meeting!  Template for requirement #3 is HERE.
    • Field trip to the University of Hawaii (I think he's kidding).

  • Cooking (Mr. Bryant): 
    • Must be at least Star rank and limited to first 6 Scouts who register
    • You must use the worksheet HERE (print one and bring it).

  • Personal Fitness (Mr. Murray):
    • Must be 14 or older
    • Print out the worksheet HERE and bring it
    • Make appointments or bring evidence of them for requirement #1

  • Environmental Science (Mr. Chang):
    • Must be First Class rank or higher
    • Read THIS DOCUMENT (suggest you print it and bring it)

See you at Scouts!