2020 Summer Merit Badges Round 2

  • Engineering • not meeting on Sep 4
    Requirements reviewed and awaiting Scouts written response:
     - Requirements 3, 7, 8,  and 9

    Requirements to be independently completed by scout with one-on-one discussion with counselor
    - Requirements 1, 2, and 5

    Requirements remaining to be discussed and planned:
    - requirements 4 and 6

    Expectation is scouts will complete writing assignments and submit to counselor in the workbook.

  • Pioneering
  • Music
    Completed: Requirement 1 and 2 
    Friday 8/28: Do Requirement 3d should be about 30-45 minutes 

  • Art:
    1. Completed: 1-3
    2. Scouts need to complete 4-7 on their own
    3. Meeting Sep 4: discussion of 6 & 7

  • Scholarship:
    Mrs. S gave suggestions of how to complete with regard to Covid and left each requirement for Scouts to fill out the worksheet and will discuss in two or three weeks.  

  • Citizenship in the World:
    Completed Requirements 1,2, and 4a, and hope to complete Requirements 5 & 6 on 8/28. 
    Scouts need to complete Requirements 3 a &B, 4 b or 4c, and 7 on their own.  

  • Cooking • not meeting on Sep 4
    Who's taking what:

    Music: Andrew L, Ian W, Andrew P

    Art: Calixte L and Troy F

    Scholarship:  Reece B and Gabe J

    Cit World: Davide, Felipe G, Michael W, Connor D, Sean K, William Z, Dalton S

    Cooking: EJ, Nick Ch, Dean, Nate P, Nick Cz, Connor C, Matthew Wi, John C, Ryan C, Michael P

    Energy: Michael W, Malin L, Albert Z, Matt C, Rui S

    Pioneering: Alex W

    Engineering: Jacob R, Derek Kim, Brody M, Alec C, Richard L