2020 Klondike Derby: Jan 18-19

Winter fun and competition at the Tamanend District Klondike Derby at Ockanickon!  You patrol will pull its sled from event to event competing in various Scout skills. This Klondike also has a backpacking option (no sled, but all Scouts in the patrol must carry a backpack throughout the day). You also have the option of camping overnight on Saturday, but you will be in a tent or an Ockanickon adirondack shelter (an Ad).

Since this is new to Troop 98, and we're not sure of younger Scouts' gear, only 8th grade patrols and higher can choose the backpacking option. Anyone going to Philmont is encouraged to encourage his patrol to choose the backpacking option!

This is the first time we're going to a Klondike at Ockanickon!
  • Location:  The Klondike is at Ockanickon Scout Reservation, directions here ==>  DIRECTIONS.  We'll gather under the pavilion by the lake (next to the parking lot). If you arrive late go to the Dining Hall.

  • Depart:  From St. John's on Saturday 18 Jan at 7AM.  Check in with the Registrar Scout, go to your car assignment, and put your things in that car immediately.  If there's no room in the car you're assigned to, put your things in the trailer.

  • Return:  To St. John's at 6:30PM on Saturday 18 Jan, unless you choose to camp out, in which case return is to St. John's at Noon on Sunday 19 Jan.

  • What should you bring?  
    • Warm clothes in layers (you'll be outside all day: wool, fleece, a wooly hat, not a ballcap, two pairs of gloves)
    • Good boots or shoes (the Klondike people specifically said NO SNEAKERS) with warm socks (wool over cotton is best)
    • A small backpack or sling bag to carry around your things during the day on Saturday
    • No Scout uniform required
    • Bring a full change of clothes; you may need it on Saturday evening
    • A flashlight or headlamp
    • Rain gear, a compass, your Troop 98 Permission Slip (to be sent later).  Check the weather forecast as it's possible that it will snow or rain on Saturday.  Be Prepared.  
    • Eating gear and a cup you can carry with you during the day (for hot cocoa in the dining hall at Camp Hart).  Put your name on everything.
    • Each competing patrol must bring and prepare a hot lunch. See the guides below for more details and plan with your patrol members. Backpackers will have to use portable stoves to make a hot lunch (like soup, or even pouch meals).
    • There will be hot cocoa available in the dining hall all day. Be sure to bring a mug with you (like a birch beer mug). 
    • Patrols should also bring one can of soup for every two people for the hot soup bar in the dining hall. NO CREAM-BASED SOUPS please. They'll have a huge pot of chicken noodle soup and a "hobo soup" made up of all the other kinds combined (wow!).

  • If you're camping bring your warmest sleeping bag (or two sleeping bags), warm (and clean) clothes to sleep in (like sweats) plus a clean hat, gloves and socks to sleep in, an extra blanket that you could put above or below you (wool is best), and at least one sleeping pad to put underneath you.

  • If you want to know what the events are going to be like (and what to practice and bring) check out the patrol leader's guide here:  GUIDE

PATROL LEADERS (or Acting PLs) should BE PREPARED with all of the items listed in the guide: PAGE 6 for Sleds, PAGE 7 for backpackers.

ALL SCOUTS SHOULD REVIEW AND PRACTICE THE SKILLS LISTED ON PAGE 8 OF THE GUIDE. We'll be doing some more of these at the troop meeting on 10 January.

If you're going to the Klondike (whether just for the day or camping) you should attend a Klondike-only Troop Meeting on Friday 17 January. We'll be finishing sled assembly, gathering materials, practicing more skills, and generally Being Prepared.

Pictures from previous Klondikes are here:  2019 Klondike • 2018 Klondike