2017 Klondike Derby - Jan 13th-15th


Winter fun and competition at the Continental District Klondike Derby!  You patrol will pull its sled from event to event competing in various Scout skills.  The event will be held at Camp Hart but we'll be camping next door at Camp Delmont (in the Dan Beard cabin).
  • Location:  We're arriving at and camping at Camp Delmont, directions here ==>  DIRECTIONS (GPS 40.353797, -75.445857).  We'll be camping in the Dan Beard cabin (and not sharing with any other troops).  See the additional details on how to get to Dan Beard on the Directions page.

  • The Klondike Derby is at Camp Hart.  If you arrive after 8AM Saturday you should go directly to Camp Hart ==> DIRECTIONS (GPS: 40.36458,-75.426915).  Call a Troop 98 leader's cell phone if you can't find us right away.

  • Depart:  From St. John's at 5:45PM on Friday (try to arrive by 5:30).  Check in with the Registrar Scout, get your car assignment, and put your things in that car immediately.  If there's no room, put your things in the trailer.

  • Return:  To St. John's at Noon on Sunday

  • What should you bring?  
    • Warm clothes in layers (you'll be outside all day: wool, fleece, a wooly hat, not a ballcap, two pairs of gloves)
    • Good boots or shoes (the Klondike people specifically said NO SNEAKERS) with warm socks (wool over cotton is best)
    • A small backpack or sling bag to carry around your things during the day on Saturday (the cabin where we're staying is a couple of miles from where the events are so you have to carry your extra things with you)
    • Your Scout shirt with a turtleneck or something to wear underneath it, and your name tag
    • A full change of clothes; you may need it on Saturday evening
    • A flashlight or headlamp
    • Rain gear, a compass, your Troop 98 Permission Slip (to be sent later).  Check the weather forecast as it's possible that it will snow or rain on Saturday.  Be Prepared.  
    • Eating gear and a cup you can carry with you during the day (for hot cocoa in the dining hall at Camp Hart).  Put your name on everything!
    • Patrols will be planning meals at the Troop Meeting.  You or your patrol will need to bring a "foil meal" for Saturday's lunch (which you will cook over coals at Camp Hart).  Talk to you Patrol Leader for details.

  • We will be sleeping on wooden bunks in a cabin.  We will do our best to heat the building with firewood and coal, but bring your warmest sleeping bag (or two sleeping bags), warm (and clean) clothes to sleep in (like sweats) plus a clean hat, gloves and socks to sleep in, an extra blanket that you could put above or below you (wool is best), and at least one sleeping pad to put underneath you.

  • Cards, board games or something else you can play inside the cabin at night (nothing electronic)
If you want to know what the events are going to be like (and what to practice and bring) check out the patrol leader's guide here:  GUIDE

Pictures from last year's Goldrush (similar to this Klondike) are here:  2012 Klondike