2016 Klondike Derby (rescheduled)

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The Klondike Derby will take place on Saturday March 19th at Camp Delmont. 
  • Troop 98 Senior Scouts will be running the Haz-Mat event (arriving very early AM for set-up). 

  • Patrols are invited to compete in the Klondike for the day.

  • Patrols may also camp out, if there's enough interest and leader/adult coverage. You will be camping in lean-to shelters (like the Adirondacks at Ockanickon) or in tents.
If you plan to compete with your Patrol:
  • Make sure you have all the materials to compete (see below), including your SLED and all the materials listed to compete
  • Plan to arrive Saturday morning no later than 9AM (leave from St. John at 8AM)
  • Finish by 5PM Saturday and return home at about 6PM OR  Stay overnight and return home at Noon on Sunday
Senior Scouts: we need your help to put on another successful "Arctic Hazmat" event. Please sign up via the RSVP form, even if you can only come for the day (or part of the day).

Arctic HazMat.wmv

Everything from here down only applies to Scout patrols going for the day (and possibly camping overnight on Saturday).
  • Location:  Camp Delmont. Directions here ==>  DIRECTIONS (GPS 40.353797, -75.445857).  

  • If we're camping we'll be camping at Camp Hart. Directions here ==>  DIRECTIONS  (pick us up from here on Sunday if you're a driver)
  • Depart:  From St. John's at 8AM on Saturday  (arrive at 7:45 please)

  • Return:  To St. John's at 6PM on Saturday  (or at Noon on Sunday if we camp out)

  • What should you bring?  
    • Warm clothes in layers (you'll be outside all day: wool, fleece, a wooly hat, not a ballcap, two pairs of gloves)
    • Good boots or shoes (the Klondike people specifically said NO SNEAKERS) with warm socks (wool over cotton is best)
    • Bring one extra pair of shoes that you can use if your main ones get too wet or muddy
    • A small backpack or sling bag to carry around your things during the day on Saturday (you have to carry your extra things with you)
    • Your Scout shirt with a turtleneck or something to wear underneath it, and your name tag
    • At least one personal water bottle (one quart or more; NALGENE bottles are best). The water system has frozen at camp this year so we have to bring all our own water supplies. Your own personal supply will help.
    • Rain gear, a compass, your Troop 98 Permission Slip (to be sent later).  Check the weather forecast as it's possible that it will snow or rain on Saturday.  Be Prepared. 
    • Eat a good breakfast and bring some snacks and water for during the day. 
    • You will cook lunch with your patrol. Your patrol needs to bring a specific "competition" meal for Saturday's lunch (which you will cook over coals at "Cook Town").  Talk to you Patrol Leader or Troop Guide for details (or take a look at THIS DOCUMENT, page 5). Make sure your Patrol Leader is taking care of this. 

    • If you're camping out, bring a full change of clothes, a flashlight or headlamp, your warmest sleeping bag(s), plus something to put underneath it (like a pad or a big, warm blanket or two), TENTS for your patrol (unless you plan to sleep in the Ads, but they could be pretty cold).
    • Each patrol needs to plan, buy food for, and prepare its meals for the campout (Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast).
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Pictures from the past two year's Klondikes are here:  2015 Klondike  2014 Klondike